- 2023 -

FENNE is her biggest current project. Here, she shows her own compositions with her band and backing vocals, exploring sounds and harmonies in a live setting and taking her songs to a higher level. A lot of songs have to do with her research about finding your inner child again; a research that begun with the song: "Beyond The Wall". This song also made the title of her first EP, which came out on the 24th of March, 2023.

Expect dreamy harmonies, floating underneath a clear melody, with grooves set deep and lyrics that speak to hidden darknesses within yourself. Like diary entries, she tells personal stories about herself and others. Her biggest goal is to find a mutual ground and connect with the audience. 


From August 2023, Scholte has joined Kika Sprangers in her theater project: "Dochters". A project with 9 singers and a saxophone, performing contemporary pieces from different genres and different languages. They premiered this show at the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam in August and played four more shows in September 2023. More shows will follow...


Scholte is a part of the new album/project of Daniel Clason, functioning as an instrument and colouring together with the brass section. They recorded the songs in January 2023 with the large ensemble. On his album, she will appear on two of the songs. 


- 2022 - 

In February 2022, she appeared on an episode of "New Generations", a program on NPO2 Extra. You can watch the episode down below. It involves talks with Scholte and her parents, interviews about what it means for her to be an artist, and parts of a performance of FENNE from ESNS Groningen (recorded January 2022).


For her final exam in July 2022, Scholte worked together with ROctet, a string octet with professional players from the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. Together with them, she played her own composition and arrangement: "One Day" - soon to be recorded & released.


In September 2022, FENNE was selected as one of the bands for the Popronde tour around Holland. They played 9 shows in the tour, like Groningen and Nijmegen. 


- 2021 - 

Fenne Scholte has appeared on the "Visitors" album of Prashant Samlal, performing melodically as one of the instruments in the song: "Unspoken"; while blending together with the trumpet (Daniel Clason). This was recorded and engineered by Chris Weeda.